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Digital Logic Development

We custom design digital logic using field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs). Our designs are developed with either schematic editors or hardware languages such as VERILOG or VHDL.

We use powerful development tools including Altera® Quartus®, Xilinx® ISE®, and Microsemi Libero FPGA design software.

We document our digital logic designs with Schematics, Architecture Diagrams, Flow Diagrams, and State Diagrams, to describe how the logic will work.

We develop automated unit tests and simulate every design component before programming it on the hardware.

Our digital logic designs are source controlled using SVN repositories.

We have experience programming the following FPGA families:

Altera Corporation
Microsemi Corporation
Xilinx, Inc.

Our Process

Digital Logic

Please tell us about your product requirements, and we will evaluate them to see if a custom FPGA is best suited for your application.

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