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Final Documentation Delivery

Upon project completion, we deliver the hardware, software, and documentation to you. Martin Company's final product is design documentation which can be implemented into a working product for the customer.

Specification Phase

  • Project Proposal
  • System Specification
  • Test Specification
  • Software Specification
  • Research and Development Report
  • Preliminary Design Notes/Schematics
  • Design Review Notes

Detailed Design Phase

  • Mechanical Drawings
  • Schematic Source Code
  • Bill of Materials
  • Netlist
  • PCB Layout Source Code
  • PCB Layout Gerbers
  • Firmware/Software Source Code
  • Firmware Executable File
  • Design Review Notes

Build/Test Phase

  • Bill of Materials with price and delivery
  • Assembled Prototype Photographs
  • Prototype Debug Notes
  • Prototype Test Results
  • Theory of Operation
  • Installation Notes/Operation Manual
  • Certification (FCC/ISA/UL) Documentation
  • On Site Test Results
  • Final List of Documents including revision numbers

Production Phase

  • Bill of Materials with prices, delivery, suppliers
  • PCB Gerber Files
  • Machine Drawings
  • Assembly Drawings and Procedures
  • Firmware Files to be downloaded into processors
  • Production Test Procedures
  • Production Test Reports as required

Our Process

Final Documentation

Martin Company welcomes the opportunity to guide your next project from concept, through engineering, to production, or any step in between.

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