Faster Design Schedule

Faster Design Schedule

The top 4 ways we can speed up your design schedule are:

  1. We can produce a “Rev AA” board ASAP in order to de-risk, test and enable parallel firmware development.

    We can bring your design from a draft schematic to a fully functional assembled board in a few weeks

    Your input can be in any format, PDF or a red-marked drawing, saving conversion and clean-up time

    We complete the schematic, do the layout, substitute long-lead time, hard to find parts, procure, assemble and test the board

    We can do multi-layer complex analog, digital, high power, high temp or simple quick engineering boards for lab testing

  2. Our software engineers can review and test your libraries, drivers, compilers, RTOS, FPGA, and sections of code. We have many years of direct experience with these items and can save time with what we have seen and solved.

  3. Our staff of experienced engineers can do a hardware and/or software review of your design. Very often this will result in immediate breakthroughs and expedite the delivery of the overall project with a small investment. We can do this with PDF’s of the design via email or you can come to our office and join us in the review in our design review conference room. Or we can come to see you.

  4. We can provide additional engineering and engineering management support to your project. We have hardware engineers, eCAD designers, software engineers, and engineering managers who can provide immediate project support that you may be temporarily short on, or just provide a second set of eyes.

Please let me know if one of these might be useful to you. If you want to come out and talk about your project and how this could work we could have lunch brought in and review the issues on the digital overhead while we eat. We would like to help wherever you need us.