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Design Reviews

Martin Company Design Reviews Process

We perform design reviews to verify the specifications, schematics, PC board layout, and test results. Customers are welcome to attend design reviews and may request additional reviews if desired.

Specification Review

This review is held near the beginning of the project and after the specification has been written and accepted by the customer and Martin Company. Attendees will include the engineer, who will design the PC board and draw the schematics, the designer, who will lay out the board, the software engineer, who will write any firmware that is needed, and the mechanical engineer, who will design the enclosure. The customer is invited to attend the review. During the review, participants go over the statement of work and project specifications to ensure that the project is on track. A summary of the review is then sent to the customer.

Schematics, Parts Placement, BOM, Software Design, and Test Plan Review

This review is held after the schematics are drawn in detail, the BOM has been generated, and the parts have been tentatively placed on the PC board layout. Attending will be the design engineer, the PC Layout designer, the software engineer, and the mechanical engineer. The purposes of the review are to present the design to the project team, to review key issues (listed below), and to compare the design to the specification.

  • Schematics - We review the estimated power consumption for the whole board, power dissipation on all components, A/D D/A resolution, and CPU Clock speed. We also do a presentation of how the whole design works, page by page.
  • Parts Placement - We review the mechanical mounting issues with the PC board, see how the parts will fit and where they will be placed, check all power components for heat sinking requirements, and look for any other PC board layout issues.
  • BOM - We review the BOM to be sure all components are known, are readily available, and are ones with which we have experience. We also review the requirements for unique components.
  • Software Design - We review the software flow and architecture diagrams to understand how the software will work with the hardware. The software engineer reviews estimates on the final memory and CPU capacity utilization to verify that the proper CPU, memory, and clock speed are chosen.
  • Test Plan - We then plan for testing the prototype and verify that it is complete and meets the requirements for the project.

When the PC board layout review is complete, parts ordering may proceed with confidence that the project will be successful. A summary of the review is normally sent to the customer.

Final Schematics, BOM and PC Board Layout, Software Update Review

A final review is conducted after the PC Layout is complete. Any needed changes are made to the schematics, the parts are ordered, and then a PC board is ordered. The schematics are reviewed for changes, the final PCB Layout is presented, the final price and delivery on the BOM parts order is presented, and the software progress is updated.

After this review is complete, the remaining PC boards are ordered, and the prototypes are built and tested. A summary of the review can be sent to the customer.

Final Documentation and Test Results Review

After the prototype has been tested and the results documented, the final documentation changes are made.

We review the final schematics, final product price based on the BOM parts buy, final PC board layout, the software, and the test results. If all has gone well on the project, this will be the last review. The documentation is then sent to the customer for review and comment.

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Documented design reviews are integral to our engineering and development processes.

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