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Articles, Presentations and Patents

Company Presentations

may download the following presentations to learn more about technologies where Martin Company has developed particular expertise:

Martin Company Presentations and Articles:

  • "Intelligent Running Tool" (PDF, 3MB) is a paper given at the Offshore Trade Conference in 1990 on a Sub-Sea completion tool, which communicates up and down the drill stem.
  • "Intrinsic Safety Protection and Certification" (PPS, 10.4 MB) is a presentation given at the Instrument Society of America luncheon in Houston on 5 March 2003.
  • "Comparing the ADS1201 to the CS5321" (PDF, 200KB) is an article written by Texas Instruments, where Martin Company performed the testing for the data presented.
  • "System to Component Level Failure Analysis in Space and Oil" (PDF, 1.8MB) is a presentation given as part of a panel discussion on failure analysis on components used in extreme conditions, held at the 2014 ISTFA conference on 12 November 2014 in Houston, Texas.
  • "Design Review Presentation" (PDF, 300KB) is a presentation given to the IEEE Consulting Network on 25 May 2016 at the Clayton Library in Houston, Texas. If you would like to have this presentation done for your engineering group, please email John Martin at
  • "Clear Schematics Revision 4.0" (PDF, 2.85MB) is an article on the need for clearly drawn schematics in the electronics engineering business. It provides guidelines and rules of thumb for how schematics can be drawn to best communicate how a circuit works.

Patents Awarded to Martin Company Employees:

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Articles, Presentations and Patents

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