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Example Projects

Almost all Martin Company projects are proprietary to you, the customer, and are thus not shown herein. However, the following have been released for public review.

Promote Systems GPS

15 November 2008

Promote Systems GPS

The Martin Company developed a compact and reliable geotagging solution for professional digital SLR cameras, the Promote Systems GPS Receiver. The Promote GPS provides real-time geographic information for immediate recording into the images taken with compatible digital cameras and is compatible with a wide range of Nikon digital SLR cameras.

Xilinx® Spartan® Development Board

16 June 2002

Xilinx Spartan

The Martin Company Model 1103 Spartan®development board is a complete digital FPGA prototyping environment. It provides all of the peripheral circuitry required for FPGA and digital development projects.

Input Power:

  • +5.2 to +26 volts or 5 volts (5V version)
  • +3.6 to +26 volts or 3.3 volts (3.3V version)

Serial Connections:

  • RS-232 Port (with on-board transceiver and 9 pin "D" connector)
  • RS-485 Port (with on-board transceiver)

Serial Connections:

  • 2 Digit Seven Segment Displays
  • Power-on- reset
  • Clock oscillator
  • Prototyping area
  • Terminal blocks for I/O
  • Eight "DIP" switches
  • One pushbutton Switch
  • Two user LEDs (one red, one green)
  • Red "power-on" LED
  • Programmable either with EPROM or through JTAG port
  • Price $300.00/quantity of 1 for Xilinx® XCS-20 version
  • Also available in XCS-5, XCS-10, XCS-30 (3.3 and 5 volt versions)

Custom Emergency Exit Display

30 March 2004

Custom Emergency Exit Display

Martin Company designs and builds custom Exit Sign circuit board and electronics in collaboration with Interloop Architecture and Design of Houston, Texas, for the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas, Texas. It is now a commercial product offered by Architectural Safety Components. This EXIT Sign was awarded the 2016 R+D Award by Architecture Magazine as shown at

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Example Projects

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