Hand Held Concussion Test


Head injuries have become a common issue in several sports in recent years. The smart SR-3053 “RU-Fit” handheld sensor system from RedOak Instruments easily detects a sports-related concussion through time-resolved force measurements. Early detection allows for immediate mitigation. More importantly, someone with a head injury won’t be put back onto the field.

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Martin Company utilized a quick-paced agile approach to develop the electronics and firmware for RedOak Instruments in three phases: (1) detailed requirements analysis with high-level design and (2) detailed implementation and (3) prototypes and testing. The project succeeded in budget and on time largely because of Martin Company’s staged approach which allows for continual customer feedback as the project proceeds to conclusion. Following is an example of the output from the hand held instrument.

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For more information about Martin Company’s engineering process, contact John Martin at (281) 342‑7431 or visit their website at https://martincomp.com

The SR-3053 device is patented by RedOak Instruments, LLC, Katy, Texas, and has been approved by the FDA. For more information about this product, contact Bill Paske at (281) 385‑9951 or visit their website at https://redoakinstruments.com.