Martin Company supports Novos Embedded Programming Environments

Martin Company supports Novos Embedded Programming Environments

Traditional RTOS – often is too big, slow and expensive for many small embedded processor projects

Traditional embedded bare metal code – often requires long development time

Novos Environments – a great compromise: smaller, less expensive than RTOS and faster to code than traditional embedded code. The Novos family includes five different ways to get the job done with minimal effort and minimal cost. Small, less expensive than an RTOS, easy to use and well documented, they support sustainable development and maintainable projects.

Martin Company offers embedded system development using the EE-Novos Environment for Arm-Cortex – M0 and M0+ applications where it makes sense. Texas Instruments MSP430 and Microchip PIC18… processors coming soon.

Take a look at this interesting approach to embedded system development at These 5 Micro RTOS frameworks keep many of the advantages of RTOS without the costs and overhead and are fast to develop.