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Martin Company sets as a priority your right to privacy. Thus, we do not sell your information to outside organizations. The guidelines below are followed to protect any data that we collect from you when you submit information in our various web forms. Please carefully read the guidelines below and contact us if you have any questions.

Information Gathered Online

The only information gathered from you is that information that you provide in various form submissions such as "Contact Us", "Ask a Question" and "Request a Quote".

How do We use Information that You Supply?

Martin Company uses information that you supply us to provide targeted information to you in return. Specific information about your product concept or development remains confidential. General comments, feedback and suggestions about our website or processes are deemed to be non-confidential as discussed in our Terms of Use.

Release of Information

We may release information in response to a court order and other legal requests.

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We have served many industries with software, firmware and electronics development. How may we serve you?

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